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News and Announcements


News and Announcements
11/6/20, 5:53:24 PM EST HR Avatar simplifies pricing to maximize screening effectiveness
HR Avatar's simplified pricing bundles everything needed to screen one candidate into a single price. All HR Avatar products - assessments, automated reference checks, and video interviews are available for a single cost per candidate.
11/5/20, 12:00:00 AM EST Now Available from HR Avatar: Automated Reference Checks
Who buys anything anymore without first reading the reviews? HR Avatar now helps you gain valuable insight into a candidate's work habits and performance from the people who know best - their past supervisors, peers, and subordinates.
7/17/20, 12:00:00 AM EDT HR Avatar introduces Pay-Per-Result Pricing
Pay-Per-Result pricing simplifies the assessment purchases, aligns the buying process with value received, and allows clients to focus more time on making better employment decisions.
6/4/20, 12:00:00 AM EDT Live Video Interviewing API Integration Now Available
An API is now available that allows other HCM systems to seamlessly access HR Avatar's Live Video Interviewing capabilities.
5/27/20, 3:05:10 PM EDT HR Avatar partners with JazzHR
HR Avatar partners with JazzHR as a preferred provider of recruiting software.
5/20/20, 6:53:29 PM EDT HR Avatar Introduces New Premium Remote Proctoring Options
HR Avatar now offers video-based, and browser-based remote proctoring options for maximum test security in medium and high-stakes testing scenarios.
5/20/20, 2:39:25 PM EDT Co-Developed Situational Judgement Test Shows validity for Predicting Residency Success
A situational judgement test (SJT) co-developed by the University of Minnesota Medical School and HR Avatar has demonstrated ability to predict success of medical students in their residencies.
5/19/20, 9:00:00 AM EDT HR Avatar Video Interviewing Named FrontRunner for Video Interviewing Software
Software Advice has named HR Avatar Video Interviewing a FrontRunner for their Video Interviewing Software category for 2020.
5/6/20, 4:29:10 PM EDT HR Avatar partners with DeGarmo Group
HR Avatar has signed an agreement with DeGarmo Group as an assessment reseller.
3/19/20, 11:23:54 AM EDT FREE Basic Live Video Interviewing until May 31, 2020
HR Avatar is offering our Basic Live Video Interviewing service for FREE until May 31, 2020. Additional features will cost credits as usual.
2/26/20, 10:00:45 AM EST HR Avatar introduces Quick Cognitive Screening Assessments
HR Avatar has added Quick Cognitive Screens to its assessment catalog. These test are designed to provide a fast measure of work-related cognitive ability.
2/20/20, 4:42:48 PM EST HR Avatar introduces Enhanced Candidate Feedback Reports
HR Avatar now provides enhanced candidate feedback to applicants completing pre-hire assessments. By providing meaningful feedback to test takers, this optional feature improves the overall candidate experience.
1/1/20, 9:10:05 AM EST HR Avatar has Upgraded its Standard Job Specific Tests
HR Avatar has upgraded their Job-Specific Simulation-based Assessments as part of their ongoing efforts to increase assessment reliability (consistency) and validity, and to reduce test duration.
12/31/19, 2:00:53 PM EST Live Video Interviewing is Now Available
HR Avatar has made Live Video Interviewing available to all accounts.
12/5/19, 4:21:52 PM EST HR Avatar is now integrated with Greenhouse
HR Avatar is now integrated with Greenhouse. Users of Greenhouse can integrate HR Avatar assessments into their recruiting workflows in such a way that recruiters never need to leave the Greenhouse system.
12/3/19, 11:29:15 AM EST Call Center Sales (Inside Sales) Simulation is now available
This Call Center Sales (Inside Sales) assessment simulates working in a cell center doing outbound sales calls.
8/21/19, 5:22:37 PM EDT HR Avatar is Hiring!
Our business is growing, and so is our organization. We're actively seeking full-time applicants for customer support, sales, and marketing.
5/2/19, 1:20:16 PM EDT HR Avatar Upgrades Attitudes, Interests and Motivations Survey
HR Avatar is rolling out an upgrade to Attitudes, Interests, and Motivations and Emotional Intelligence modules to further improve their performance.
6/15/18, 6:26:47 AM EDT HR Avatar Implements Role and Test-Specific, Norm-Referenced Scoring for Competencies
Leveraging it's growing database of test scores across many different job roles and competencies, HR Avatar has implemented role and test-specific norm-referenced scoring for all of its off-the-shelf assessments.
5/25/18, 7:55:28 PM EDT HR Avatar Updates Privacy Policy
HR Avatar rolls out updates to the privacy policy to comply with GDPR regulations.
5/14/18, 12:13:20 PM EDT HR Avatar Introduces Online Proctoring
With online proctoring, tests will use an additional security measuring of taking photos of test takers to help ensure the person taking the test is the same person who is applying for the role.
1/11/18, 7:00:00 PM EST HR Avatar Makes Life Easier with Updated Product Catalog
Here at HR Avatar we are committed to being the easiest pre-employment testing company to use. We offer over 200 tests, and now we make it even easier to find the test that will help you make good hiring decisions.
11/5/17, 7:00:00 PM EST HR Avatar Presents Voice Check Tests to Test Speaking Skills
The Voice Check represents a great leap forward in assessment technology. The test evaluates a person's ability to carry on a verbal conversation with a native English speaker. Test takers use their web browser and a phone connection to speak, read, and listen in English.
6/13/17, 8:00:00 PM EDT HR Avatar Serves Up Five New Job Simulation Assessments
We are proud to announce the introduction of five new job simulation contexts: Restaurant Worker, Real Estate Agent, Retail Sales (Electronics Store), Retail Sales (Fashion Store) and Hospitality Desk Clerk.
6/6/17, 8:00:00 PM EDT HR Avatar integrates abilities, competencies, interests, experience and education to produce candidate job match reports
HR Avatar has enhanced it's technology to produce job match reports for candidates who take employer-sponsored tests on the HR Avatar website.
5/21/17, 8:00:00 PM EDT HR Avatar Launches Driver Pre-Employment Test
HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests, a leading provider of online, simulation-based employment tests, has launched a new Driver (delivery) simulation. Test takers review policy and regulations, answer questions about safety guidelines, review deliveries and resolve issues around loading and unloading products.
5/10/17, 8:00:00 PM EDT HR Avatar has moved to new digs
We're relocated to brand new space in Aldie VA.
2/6/17, 7:00:00 PM EST HR Avatar Partners with ManpowerGroup Solutions
HR Avatar has partnered with ManpowerGroup Solutions, a global force and leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to provide pre-hire and employee development-oriented assessment solutions to ManpowerGroup clients.
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