HR Avatar Launches Catalog of Spanish Pre-Employment Tests


HR Avatar Launches Catalog of Spanish Pre-Employment Tests   June 30, 2015, 8:00:00 PM EDT

Oakton, VA (July 1, 2015) - HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests, a leading provider of online, simulation-based employment tests, has launched a catalog of Spanish pre-employment assessments. Tests and test reports are available in Spanish.

Over the past year, HR Avatar has seen an explosion of demand in South America and Latin America for engaging simulation-based assessments. Working closely with their partner Midot, the team has translated content from over 25 assessments, including animated simulations, personality assessments, knowledge tests and behavioral history assessments. The test result reports, which include test-taker scores, competency definitions, interview questions, and percentile rankings, are also available in Spanish.

HR Avatar is the first online testing provider to provide a catalog of simulation-based assessments in Spanish. "When we initially built the HR Avatar platform, we knew we wanted to be capable of administering tests in many languages. Our platform is designed to support European languages as well as languages with special characters and languages that read from right-to-left," explained Mike Russiello, CEO of HR Avatar. "We are excited about our initial line of Spanish assessments, and this is only the beginning."

In addition to providing test-takers an engaging test-experience, HR Avatar tests are also ideal for the Latin American markets because they are mobile accessible. Latin America has the fastest-growing smartphone market in the world. CNN reports, "The growth outpaced the 9 percent posted by China, 11 percent in Western Europe and 28 percent in North America, as Latin American users sought out higher-speed mobile internet."

Popular test tiles available in Spanish include Customer Service Representative, First Line Supervisor (Retail Sales), and Loan Officer. To see the full list of assessments, view the HR Avatar Test Catalog and select Español (Mexico) in the language list on the right.

About HR Avatar, Inc.
Founded in 2009, HR Avatar is a privately held Virginia Corporation based outside Washington, D.C. in Oakton, VA. HR Avatar offers a catalog of 200 simulation based assessments and has spent years developing and perfecting simulation-based testing software, which is currently used by some of the largest companies in the pre-employment testing industry.

About Midot Ltd.
Midot specializes in developing and providing work ethics and integrity assessment solutions. Since 1991, the company has been committed to making integrity a standard for the quality of human capital in the workplace and providing a reliable 360˚ solution that can be tailored to the needs of any organization.

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